Clean View

Clean View aims to remove ocean waste by selling sustainable eye-wear and donating a portion their proceeds to non-profits.

Project Scope: Brand Identity and Web Design


Branding for eye-wear that’s positively impacting our oceans

Stylish eye-wear that’s helping remove ocean waste

Work With Us

Eye-wear that’s for an important cause. A percentage of sales go towards removing ocean waste.

We created cohesive branding for Clean View that tied back to it’s mission.

Tailored Branding

Mockups that resonated with Clean View’s brand and aesthetic.

A branded website that represented Clean View’s mission and aesthetic.

The website was built on WordPress and optimized for SEO. Targeted keyword research is recommended for all websites. This will help build brand authority and educate customers.

Clean View’s mission is respectable. Ocean waste is a huge problem across the world and the main reason we love to work with Earth-First brands.